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Management And Maintenance Operations In

Interactive Work Instructions System - Edlore

Augmented 3D is worth 1,000 pictures!
Empowering the workforce to handle work orders efficiently with Edlore’s 3D interactive instructions.

Patent# 10,096,003

Our Solutions

Gain the power to manage digital assets without limits

Interactive 3D Solutions

Virtualize the manufacturing execution of your system for predictive maintenance, training, design and machine management.

3D Manufacturing Execution System for Industries - Edlore

Across the plant

Faultless integration with existing maintenance management systems to accelerate problem identification and recovery

virtual machine maintenance management software - Edlore

Intelligence exemplified

Edlore 3D application is the most advanced digital work instruction software that aids enhanced designs, manufacturing & training processes to amplify operational efficiency.

3d Interactive Work Instructions Software - Edlore

Simplify Digital Asset Management with Edlore

Transform your work operations cycle

Innovate Interactive 3D Solutions

3D Interactive Instructions

Gain real-time system insights from conception to the finished market-ready product with us. View every essential system component that is on your mobile device, and instantly view its history, maintenance logs, or procurement logs, including alternative and replacement parts.

With Edlore users can

  • Offer a higher level of knowledge transfer
  • Enable users to learn quickly
  • Retain information longer
  • Increase productivity through visually realistic training.
  • Eliminates manual systems and unnecessary paperwork
visual work instruction software - Edlore

Unparalleled AR Experience

Leverage the advanced augmented reality viewer to develop your IoT solutions with an unparalleled AR experience. From digitizing and arranging your device paperwork to equipping you with a complete set of operations & maintenance software and hardware, Edlore will meet and surpass the most complex requirements easily.

  • Cutting Edge, Patent Pending Technology
  • Stream interactive 3D models to Android or iOS Mobile Devices
  • Identify parts visually – no more paperwork
  • One-Click: view parts information and history instantly
  • Enhance product knowledge
  • Increase retention rates with Virtual Training
  • Reduce Costs and Time to train Maintenance personnel
  • Sign off on Inspections in the App
View your products in augmented reality

Phygital Intelligence Exemplified

Future-proof your business operations digitally

Simplify Work Order Management

Asset Management
Managing existing maintenance management systems across complex teams, organizations, and multiple brands can be a big challenge. We are here to do the heavy lifting for you! With Edlore users can:


  • Speed up the identification of problem parts and recovery.
  • Access to asset data, anytime, anywhere.
  • Drastically reduce time to attend to assets
  • Increase safety for your workforce.
  • Easily provides a clear view of operations cost per asset, per building, and per area.
  • Manage assets, organize technical knowledge and track history and changes visually.
Knowledge Management
Knowledge management is the heart of Edlore. Every important piece of information related to your work order, customer, and equipment can be viewed in one system. You can also create and deploy 3D diagrams and interactive schematics, training and how-to videos, work procedures, parts catalogue and video chat capabilities with experts.

 Edlore delivers the tools and technology to easily and quickly develop IoT solutions that deliver unparalleled Augmented Reality experience.

Custom solution for every Industry

3D Asset Managing Software - Edlore
Transportation & Travel
3D Machine Maintenance System - Edlore
3D Asset Managing Software - Edlore
Consumer Market
Inventory Management Software - Edlore
Insurance Risk Management
Machine Maintenance Management Software - Edlore
3D Interactive Work Instructions - Edlore
Airforce & Military
Work Instructions Software for Manufacturing Process - Edlore
Other Industrial environments
 Manufacturing Execution System- Edlore
OEM (original equipment manufacturer)
3d work instructions software - Edlore
Transportation & Travel

Utilize Edlore to enhance the productivity of your transportation assets with a comprehensive range of solutions for operations, maintenance, monitoring, quality, and dependability.

MES manufacturing execution system - Edlore

Edlore's digital asset management solution helps you find the critical cog in the wheel by centralizing your efforts to streamline work orders with 3d asset creations and seamless integrations to maintain a competitive edge in today’s digital-first marketplace ultimately.

Virtual Machine Management Service - Edlore
Consumer Market

With more than 1000 consumer brands depending on our packages, Edlore has consistently used industry-specific work orders to develop solutions specifically catered to our clients.

Maintenance Work Order Software - Edlore
Insurance Risk Management

Utilize Edlore to develop and safeguard your brand. When it comes to creating a dependable and identifiable brand, trust is essential.

Work Instructions Software for Construction Process - Edlore

Utilize a comprehensive set of Edlore's asset management solutions for operations, maintenance, quality, and dependability that can help you achieve peak construction performance.

Digital Asset management Software for Airforce - Edlore
Airforce & Military

Utilize Edlore, a smart military digital asset management solution, to keep your digital assets safe, efficient, and fully operational with seamless migration & onboarding of all device data with the utmost security measures.

Maintenance management software for Industries - Edlore
Other Industrial environments

For every one of them, our in-house experts have created a solution that is tailor-made to their unique use case, needs, and goals—and we'll do the same for you.

Manufacturing Execution System - Edlore
(original equipment manufacturer)

Edlore takes the countless digital assets for your organization — and all the work it takes to find, update, and distribute them — and simplifies the art of staying on-brand.
Save time for yourself and your sales team, and enable your stakeholders worldwide with an accessible, self-service central source of information.

Our Products Packages

Scale your company with Edlore’s digital asset management services, irrespective of the size of your workforce.
3D Work Instruction System - Edlore

Asset Explorer

3D Asset management Software - Edlore

By leveraging the basic package capabilities, you can effectively streamline and optimize your digital asset management process.

3D Work Instruction System - Edlore


Digital Asset Managing Software - Edlore

Get access to read device manuals & scan any device including VR for detailed information to give an immersive view of assets.

3D Work Instruction System - Edlore

Remote Expert

3D Digital Asset Management Software - Edlore

With our platform, you’ll enjoy complete access to all the advanced features, including seamless support for remote video conferencing and calls.

3D Work Instruction System - Edlore

Asset Tracker

Work Order Tracking Software - Edlore

Read device manuals, scan any device for detailed information, create work orders for streamlined operations along with the option to view and explore devices

Edlore Market
Redefining unparalleled Augmented Reality experience
Edlore has extensive experience in providing tools and technology to develop IoT solutions. With these tools and technologies, Edlore helps to automatically generate fully compliant regulatory work orders, eliminate troubleshooting and integrate O&M activity into the client’s software for more intelligent, lean operations, as well as knowledge management – to meet our client’s needs.

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We see the world in 3D
why can’t our asset operations and maintenance manuals be in 3D?

Enhance your capabilities with

EDLORE for Enterprise

Improve understanding of information, enable faster decision-making, and reduce the time needed to produce valuable insights.

  • Informed Decision Making
  • Simplified Information
  • Effective Digital Asset Management
3D Work Instructions for Manufacturing Process - Edlore


  • Chart and Graph Customization
  • Interactive Exploration
  • Live Chat Support
  • Priority Inventory Support

3D Work Instruction Software - Edlore
Our Services

Rethink the maintenance of machine assets for enhanced operations and digital asset management!

Here’s how Edlore can make things easier for you!

3d Work Instructions System - Edlore

Onboarding & Migration

Seamlessly migrate & onboard all device data with the utmost security measures
3D Asset Management System - Edlore

3D asset creation

Get support on conceptualization and interactive 3D assets with ease

Workflow Management System - Edlore

Seamless integrations

Integrate the Edlore plugin with your existing legacy asset explorer system and new tools/platforms in one go
3D Interactive Work Instruction System - Edlore

Process automation

Streamline work order management across teams with effective process automation operations
 Manufacturing Execution System - Edlore

Customized dashboards

Create customized dashboards to differentiate between projects based on the business needs
Virtual Machine Management System - Edlore

Infrastructure Monitoring

Track physical assets remotely using inventory management software techniques and gain accurate real-time information
Manufacturing Execution System - Edlore

Business Intelligence (BI)

Analyze data to gain actionable insights for improved business decisions
Virtual Work Instruction Software

Support services

Omni-channel support with real-time chat & on-call assistance 24/7

To explore more capabilities, request demo

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Edlore?

A mobile work order management solution that defragments/centralizes assets, documents, content, knowledge, inventory, and workforce management.

Why do brands prefer Edlore?

We are a group of problem solvers, business owners, and technologists. This combination and our focus on service and maintenance, has allowed us to create a suite of software products to increase the efficiency and safety of the field workers, thus dramatically increasing the bottom line profits and savings.

How does Edlore help brands?

The Edlore digital asset management solution delivers the tools and technology to easily and quickly develop IoT solutions that provide an unparalleled augmented Reality experience.