Custom solution for every Industry

Transportation & Travel

Utilize Edlore to enhance the productivity of your transportation assets with a comprehensive range of solutions for operations, maintenance, monitoring, quality, and dependability.


Edlore’s digital asset management solution helps you find the critical cog in the wheel by centralizing your efforts to streamline work orders with 3d asset creations and seamless integrations to maintain a competitive edge in today’s digital-first marketplace ultimately.

Consumer Market

With more than 1000 consumer brands depending on our packages, Edlore has consistently used industry-specific work orders to develop solutions specifically catered to our clients.

Insurance Risk Management

Utilize Edlore to develop and safeguard your brand. When it comes to creating a dependable and identifiable brand, trust is essential.


Utilize a comprehensive set of Edlore’s asset management solutions for operations, maintenance, quality, and dependability that can help you achieve peak construction performance.
Airforce & Military
Utilize Edlore, a smart military digital asset management solution, to keep your digital assets safe, efficient, and fully operational with seamless migration & onboarding of all device data with the utmost security measures.

Other Industrial environments

For every one of them, our in-house experts have created a solution that is tailor-made to their unique use case, needs, and goals—and we’ll do the same for you.


(original equipment manufacturer)
Edlore takes the countless digital assets for your organization — and all the work it takes to find, update, and distribute them — and simplifies the art of staying on-brand.

Save time for yourself and your sales team, and enable your stakeholders worldwide with an accessible, self-service central source of information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Edlore?

A mobile work order management solution that defragments/centralizes assets, documents, content, knowledge, inventory, and workforce management.

Why do brands prefer Edlore?

We are a group of problem solvers, business owners, and technologists. This combination and our focus on service and maintenance, has allowed us to create a suite of software products to increase the efficiency and safety of the field workers, thus dramatically increasing the bottom line profits and savings.

How does Edlore help brands?

The Edlore digital asset management solution delivers the tools and technology to easily and quickly develop IoT solutions that provide an unparalleled augmented Reality experience.