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Edlore Basic is a turnkey software that helps you gain complete access to device manuals and scan any device for comprehensive information all in one place to improve your work order and asset management.

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Gain quick access to device manuals and scan any device for comprehensive information. Also, get tablet access to view real-time devices, manage media access in the media library, and have hands-on device safety guides.

Admin Access

The admin access empowers all Edlore admins with the administrative capabilities they need to champion Edlore within their organizations.
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Upload Documents

View, attach, or delete uploaded documents that you own and upload new records to the media library.

Inventory Management Software - Edlore

User control

Assign new roles to the users and manage them based on the work requirements.

Tablet access

Device view

View and modify detailed information and settings for a specific device.

Device view

Get direct access to edit, view, and delete all types of media files in the media library

Device safety guides

Personal safety resource for anyone looking for the right technology for their products.

3d Work Instructions Software - Edlore
Virtual Machine Management System - Edlore

Device management

Device management helps you manage device models, device categories, and more

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Edlore?

A mobile work order management solution that defragments/centralizes assets, documents, content, knowledge, inventory, and workforce management.

Why do brands prefer Edlore?

We are a group of problem solvers, business owners, and technologists. This combination and our focus on service and maintenance, has allowed us to create a suite of software products to increase the efficiency and safety of the field workers, thus dramatically increasing the bottom line profits and savings.

How does Edlore help brands?

The Edlore digital asset management solution delivers the tools and technology to easily and quickly develop IoT solutions that provide an unparalleled augmented Reality experience.