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We are Edlore

A mobile solution which defragments/centralizes asset, document, content, knowledge, inventory, and workforce management.

Assume an industrial setting, an alarm is generated by a device/vital piece of equipment; 1st our “repair and maintenance” crew seeks for the manual (and other documentation if needed) specific to that “troubled device” and/or it’s specific “error code” it is indicating. Often the manuals are either not found, and when they are, they make for difficult resources to use in the field, offer no “record keeping” and if “unable to repair” it’s panic time. EDLORE is changing ALL OF THIS.

Using the Digital Glasses (Such as “Meta’s Spaceglasses” or Vuzix, or Google Glass), and/or “Tablet” technology which may be either proprietary EDLORE tablet or your currently owned Android tablet (iOS coming); one would either [scan the device] or [pair with device via Ble or Wi-Fi] and upon EDLORE recognizing device, all device related content in delivered through a gorgeous and intuitive user interface.

From here, the user may leverage the “EDLORE” wizard, which will use a “trouble = cause(s) = remedy(ies)” or “if this then that” architecture to bring the user to the desired point, an inspected/cleaned/repaired/replaced device; if the user is expert level in their skill, they may elect to skip the wizard and access the device and/or error code specific content directly such as [Text, Video, Animation, Live- Interactive 3D Renderings, SAP (Enterprise Resource Planning) System Data on Parts/Device, History of Device] and more.

EDLORE has taken the proactive measures of developing backend web services for various ERP’s (Enterprise Resource Planners) and “ISO Compliance” integration. In terms of “ERP’s”, we can synchronize existing documentation, synchronize assets, and synchronize workforce with EDLORE; when errors are received, parts near their life cycle end (preventative), tasks are assigned, etc., EDLORE is always communicating with the client’s ERP software (such as SAP) to ensure required materials and parts (relating to Operations and Maintenance) are available, or at least ordered if needed. In terms of “ISO Compliance”, we free up high paid engineers from doing data-entry work after doing their real work, thus not only optimizing work flow and productivity, but also eliminating error, and ISO Compliance is a place to be error free.

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    We believe, if a software product is well supported, the customer will use it more and gain the benefits of all the features of the product. Therefore, our goal is to make Edlore a seamless integration within your software products ecosystem.

    Easy to operate

    EASY to operate

    The success of a software product is dependent on its “Ease of Operation”. Understanding this concept, we have developed Edlore to be ready to utilized from day one with minimum learning curve.

    Why Choose


    We are a group of problem solvers, business owners and technologists.  This combination and our focus on service and maintenance, has allowed us to create a suite of software products to increase efficiency and safety of the field workers thus dramatically increasing the bottom line profits and savings.

    Two Parts of Edlore

    Edlore Processor Inside Device

    (typically added during manufacturing by OEM)

    In this phase, the “OEM” will incorporate the EDLORE processor, allowing for read/write communications with the devices native CPU; this makes EDLORE intelligent, allowing for the elimination of the troubleshooting, “device recognition”, & part(s) availability inquiries.

    With EDLORE residing within the device/equipment, EDLORE is able to directly receive the error code from the device, then the portions of the device manual(s), drawings, videos, animations, and 3D files are all preloaded for the user, so as they approach the device, step 1 appears on the tablet/glasses and all this device/error specific content is readily available in both “ala carte” as well as “wizard style” delivery.

    The EDLORE processor, having memory, stores and pre-loads this data for the user to further reduce time required to discover/implement solution & all compliance reporting which may be required (OSHA, ISO, etc.).

    Device Recognition

    In this type of device access/interaction, EDLORE either scans a tag (QR/NFC), uses 3D Image Recognition, or a combination of technologies (Wi-Fi grid for triangulation + gyroscope + compass + camera) which is called “sensor fusion” to recognize the device. From here, troubleshooting is necessary, however content is device specific, and wizard may be used for troubleshooting as well as remedy.

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